• NJAPSA Statement for Racial Equality


    “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

    Desmond Tutu


    The NJAPSA Executive Board is disheartened and outraged by social injustice, racial inequality and violence. We remain committed to equity, to safety for all, to the development of strong, diverse, safe, and respectful schools and communities, and to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.


    Our work is grounded in supporting school districts to educate students to become our future leaders who are compassionate decision-makers that will end practices and policies that continue social injustice and promote an inclusive educational environment where every member is treated with empathy, dignity and respect.


    NJAPSA’s purpose is to support, assist and mentor administrators of pupil services with a commitment to quality pupil services and advocate for the needs of students with disabilities. We recognize that in order to provide this we must also be dedicated to equity and diversity and actively supporting racial equality and justice for all. This past year NJAPSA has dedicated professional development around equitable practices and support for students from mental health concerns to restorative justice. We are devoted to continuing this work through future professional development that we provide to our constituents as a basis for all we do to support our students and families in New Jersey.


    The NJAPSA Executive Board stands with you. As the roots of this trauma run deep, we seek to be partners in addressing inequities, bias and racial injustice to create a better New Jersey for our students.